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Atelier Luc Laramée Ebenisterie Architectural

Our Services

  • Architectural and ancestral millwork

  • Moldings

  • Wood veneer

  • Finishing

  • Doors and frames

  • Door hardware 

  • Project management 

45+ years

Superior and personalized management




About Us

With over 45 years of experience, Atelier Luc Laramée Inc. takes pride in being recognized as a pillar in the field of architectural woodworking. Over time, the workshop has developed expertise surpassing industry standards in manufacturing, installation, and project management.


Specializing in high-level architectural woodworking, Atelier Luc Laramée Inc. has expanded its services to include ancestral woodworking, custom molding production, veneering, finishing, as well as the manufacturing of wooden doors and frames in response to client demands and a desire to diversify its expertise.


Additionally, Atelier Luc Laramée Inc. can provide steel doors and frames, door hardware, and automated door systems. Glass and metal work are also within their capabilities. Alongside service and quality, the crucial concern of Atelier Luc Laramée is the overall project management entrusted to them.


From its humble 400 sq. ft. workshop, Luc Laramée created Atelier Luc Laramée Inc., now equipped with over 25,000 sq. ft. of workspace and machinery capable of manufacturing various architectural elements.  From simple custom furniture fabrication to standing out as one of the leading commercial woodworking companies in Quebec.


Atelier Luc Laramée Inc. can handle diverse projects, always ensuring impeccable follow-up and unparalleled quality. It is crucial for Atelier Luc Laramée Inc. to maintain perfect control over projects, paying attention to the smallest details from start to finish.Woodworking involves work between partitions, floors, and ceilings, emphasizing communication with other trades on construction sites. 


We invite you to get in touch to explore how we can bring your projects to life.


Recent Projects

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